Building Control

It is imperative that all building work be done in accordance with current building codes and regulations. Using our Building Control Service, you can rest easy knowing that your building will be built in line with all applicable Building Regulations and laws.

Most people are aware that any work on or improvements to a property necessitate some sort of permit. In some cases, however, it may not be evident how the planning and building regulations approval processes are different.

The purpose of enforcing building codes is to protect the health and safety of persons who occupy or pass through a structure. People with disabilities, as well as those who are not, must be able to enter and move around inside buildings in accordance with these new regulations.

The goal of planning is to provide direction for the growth of our towns, cities, and rural areas. Land usage, building look, landscaping, highway access, and the development’s overall influence on the environment are all included. Visit the planning pages if you’d want to learn more.

It is likely that for many types of building work, two distinct permits will be necessary. Other types of construction, such as interior changes, will almost certainly necessitate Buildings Regulations approval, but Planning permission is not always required. It’s possible that you’ll be held accountable for violations of construction-related health and safety rules.

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